Properly is a Canadian company whose sole goal is to reinvent the real estate experience (a broken industry that has not been innovated in at least a century). Their mission? To make real estate, buying, and selling, a truly customer-first experience.

As the Senior Content Marketing Manager at Properly, I launched our first cohesive content marketing strategy, which included growing and managing a team of freelance writers, transforming our blog into a newsroom for timely pieces, establishing our tone and voice guidelines, and growing our social media presence (and tapping the company’s first social media agency). My favourite initiative? The blog series I helped launch, featuring helpful Real Estate Q&A’s with Properly investors, the Scott Brothers. Plus, I had some wonderful opportunities to produce thought leadership pieces and work collaboratively with internal experts. This is the content I’m most proud of being a part of producing – thank you to all the stellar contributors who made these possible, and made my job so enjoyable.


The Scott Brothers Q&A: Selling your home in a buyer’s market? Here’s how to stand out.

The Scott Brothers Q&A: Buy, sell, or stay? Here’s what to consider before making a move in Canada’s real estate market

The Scott Brothers Q&A: How to decide WHERE to buy a house in Canada


On October 26th, the BOC announced *another* rate hike. Here’s what it means for real estate (and you).

The BoC raised interest rates (again). Now what?

July 13th: the BoC announced its 4th interest rate hike. Here’s what it means for real estate (and you)

On June 1st, the BOC announced another interest rate hike. Here’s what it means for you

“Should I still move?” What the BoC’s interest rate hikes really mean for Canadian homebuyers

Federal Budget highlights: 5 steps towards making Canada’s housing market more affordable

Fixed vs. variable mortgages in Canada: Which is better for today’s homebuyer?


Boo-tiful real estate: The spookiest homes in Ontario and BC

For this growing Toronto family, buying their Beaches home was a breeze (no, we’re serious)

Inside & Out: How to upgrade your home for sale (or for yourself) this spring

Is home staging worth the cost? Yes. Here’s how to do it.


Should you write a personal ‘love letter’ to a seller? Real estate agents weigh in

Mortgages in Canada: 9 FAQs answered by an expert

8 home staging tips that’ll make your home a stand-out

5 costs to know about before buying a home: An expense checklist

Buying a home? Here are the 10 key people you’ll need to consult

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