Properly is a Canadian company whose sole goal is to reinvent the real estate experience (a broken industry that has not been innovated in at least a century). Their mission? To make real estate, buying, and selling, a truly customer-first experience. As the Senior Content Marketing Manager at Properly, I launched our first cohesive content…

ARTICLE: What The Simpsons Can Teach Us About Customer Service

Listen: We can learn a lot from cartoons. I can think of few better examples than The Simpsons, an arguable work of art now approaching its 30th year on air. With never-ending talent churning through its writers room, the show is regarded not only as a universally-identifiable comedic cartoon, but also as a source of…

ARTICLE: “Goals: How One NHL Team Scored a Customer for Life”

In my family, the Montreal Canadiens (or, the Habs) are our team. My grandfather would, twinkle-eyed, tell of the thrill of watching hockey on live TV for the first time (and seeing his hero Maurice Richard through the lens of a wavering black-and-white screen), which inspired him to water down the backyard every winter and get his kids skating at “rocket” speed.

ARTICLE: “Life Lessons: What IKEA Gets Right About Customer Experience”

It’s 2019. It’s nearly March. Clearly, I’ve been busy. But in a good way! Writing, editing, video creation, managing a content calendar, overseeing projects (and a phenomenal marketing team) – these have filled my days for many months. And, too, I think some of the fruits of this labour are worth sharing here. So, the time…

#VisualPeople: How Comics and Chronicles Collide in Canada’s Group of 7

This article appears as part of Visual People, a Q&A series devoted to profiling visually in-tune folks who work in a diversity of industries. Subscribe or follow along on Instagram. #visualpeople by Samantha Mehra This time in Visual People, we talked with Chris Sanagan and Jason Lapidus, the two minds behind the Canadian comic, Group of 7….

DIGITAL ART: Summertime Sketches

It’s been a fun and productive few months of drawing experimentation and learning. Using a combination of Adobe Sketch and Adobe Draw, these doodles, which are meant to evoke the essence of summer, fell out of my pen with ease. -SM

Happy Birthday, Garfield.

This week marks the 40th birthday of our favourite grumpy fat-cat, Garfield. Just going to draw myself in here. -SM