sam2.jpgSamantha Mehra, MA, is a Director of Marketing in Toronto’s booming tech space. She is also a writer, editor, and creator, as well as an educator at the University of Toronto’s School of Continuing Studies where she teaches copywriting, digital storytelling, and digital communications and social media strategy.

She is a National Magazine Award nominee.

Her writing credits include Canadian Encyclopedia, Feathertale, Oxford Journals, the Routledge Encyclopedia of Modernism, and other publications.

She also has a background in professional services and client success in the media monitoring sector, with time spent at Canada Newswire (Cision) and Infomart (Postmedia/Meltwater).

The Way-Back Machine: Coming from an arts journalism background, Mehra has over the past decade been interested in telling rich stories about performing arts in Canada, creating unique and previously unpublished content on Canadian artists who contribute to the nation’s cultural story. She has been a news writer for The Dance Current, and a contributor to the Canadian Encyclopedia’s arts portfolio, with entries on Phillip SilverClaudia Moore, Laurence Lemieux, Kate AltonAndrea Nann and dance in Canada. She has also contributed to the Routledge Encyclopedia of Modernism, with entries on artists such as Cynthia Barrett. She has also been a frequent contributor to Dance Collection Danse magazine, a publication documenting Canadian dance artists and celebrating their contributions to Canada’s rich cultural heritage. Some articles in past issues include Writing Down the Bones: Dance Critics of 1970s Toronto”, “Moving in Tandem: 25 Years of Kaeja d/Dance”, “Jennifer Mascall: Spinning a Web of Dance”, and “Janak Khendry: Toronto’s Sculptor of Dance”.

In addition to content, communications and culture, Mehra is passionate about visual art, particularly ink drawing, digital rt, retro cartoons, comics, and video games. Major influences include pop culture and cartoons from the ’80s and ’90s, Erte, Salvador Dali, Aubrey Beardsley, Piero Fornasetti, Canadian painters Eric Wesselow and Kent Monkman, and the powerful yet simplistic doodles of her favourite author: Kurt Vonnegut.

She also enjoys puns.

On Sam, Illustrated: “I’m a writer and a deeply visual person: Here, on this hobby site, is where I experiment with weaving these two important pieces together. What you see here: Me, a pen, a piece of paper, and sometimes: an iPad and an Apple pencil. You’ll find a Q & A series, Visual People, which features visually creative individuals working in a variety of industries. You’ll find portfolio pieces that I’m proud of. You’ll find tips and tricks for navigating the visual, digital world. You’ll find drawing adventures. You’ll find information on visually-exciting events and products. You’ll find everything related to visual adventure in an increasingly digital world. And: It’s all for fun (and updated when I have the time)!”