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Over the past 15 years, Samantha Mehra has been a writer and editor for people, private companies, and public works in Canada. Whatever the words, the end goal is always clear: Stir passion in and persuade your intended audience for the better.

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Inside the Millennial Brain: What They Really Want from Retailers

*This article first appeared on PayBright’s Talking Shop blog, a new website that the PayBright marketing team worked on to deliver the latest news, views, and ‘bright ideas’ to Canadian merchants and customers.* You can find the original post here, as well as a host of other helpful articles! The ‘Millennial archetype’ that may come…

“Unlock your Potential”: ADP Canada and the Secret Behind Customer Service Success

I sat down in conversation with Sidhu at the tail-end of 2019, the year that his team took home the prestigious Customer Obsessed Award from the Customer Service Professionals Network (CSPN) annual conference. Joined in this conversation was Jessica Cryer, CSPN’s VP of Business and Customer Service Strategy, and during it, we dug deep into how ADP Canada was able to achieve such a feat.