Happy Birthday, America.

Red, white and blue is a delicious colour scheme, no? Created with: iPad, Apple Pencil, three colours, and one pen type.

Google Doodles: A Canadian Throwback series

Part of the joy of creating Google Doodles as part of an ongoing “Damnit Sam, learn how to draw already” project is that I can pay homage to very obscure … Continue reading Google Doodles: A Canadian Throwback series

Toronto Series: Quick Study

Nice little series, if I do say so myself! Taking suggestions for another logo series …. I’m thinking ‘Famous Pizza Chain Logos of the 1990s’, but that’s probably because I’m … Continue reading Toronto Series: Quick Study

Cartoon Throwback! #Carebears

Continuing to work with layers and colouring in Adobe Draw and Adobe Sketch, I am pretty impressed with this here Care Bear that I drew, complete with 3D and ‘80s … Continue reading Cartoon Throwback! #Carebears