#VisualPeople: How Comics and Chronicles Collide in Canada’s Group of 7

This article appears as part of Visual People, a Q&A series devoted to profiling visually in-tune folks who work in a diversity of industries. Subscribe or follow along on Instagram. #visualpeople by Samantha Mehra This time in Visual People, we talked with Chris Sanagan and Jason Lapidus, the two minds behind the Canadian comic, Group of 7….

Happy Birthday, America.

Red, white and blue is a delicious colour scheme, no? Created with: iPad, Apple Pencil, three colours, and one pen type.

I drew a comic (finally).

With apologies to the moon, and with great appreciation for all the comic book artists out there. I find it *extraordinarily* hard to combine humour and illustration – kudos to those who do it so easily! I’d say this honest first attempt of 2018 is “okay”. As an aside: I owe my early love for…

Cartoon Throwback! #Carebears

Continuing to work with layers and colouring in Adobe Draw and Adobe Sketch, I am pretty impressed with this here Care Bear that I drew, complete with 3D and ‘80s Polaroid VHS colour palettes (I’m a child of the ‘80s, and a nostalgic one, so forgive me!). Again, I’m pretty astonished by the sensitivity and…

Emulating Archie

One of the best ways to learn how to draw figures is to pore over comics, which capture bodies and faces in a wild amount of different positions and scenarios. In particular, I’ve found Archie and the Riverdale crew to be a good guide. Pretty proud of this here Jughead from a few months back….


One of my favourite paintings from last year: Skeletor! I didn’t have the heart to sell it or throw it away, so it hangs proudly in my office, neon ’90s colours and all. -SM


This year, I wanted to breathe new life into my dabblings in visual art, something that has brought me great joy over the past decade.