ARTICLE: What The Simpsons Can Teach Us About Customer Service

Listen: We can learn a lot from cartoons. I can think of few better examples than The Simpsons, an arguable work of art now approaching its 30th year on air. With never-ending talent churning through its writers room, the show is regarded not only as a universally-identifiable comedic cartoon, but also as a source of…

ARTICLE: “Goals: How One NHL Team Scored a Customer for Life”

In my family, the Montreal Canadiens (or, the Habs) are our team. My grandfather would, twinkle-eyed, tell of the thrill of watching hockey on live TV for the first time (and seeing his hero Maurice Richard through the lens of a wavering black-and-white screen), which inspired him to water down the backyard every winter and get his kids skating at “rocket” speed.

ARTICLE: “Life Lessons: What IKEA Gets Right About Customer Experience”

It’s 2019. It’s nearly March. Clearly, I’ve been busy. But in a good way! Writing, editing, video creation, managing a content calendar, overseeing projects (and a phenomenal marketing team) – these have filled my days for many months. And, too, I think some of the fruits of this labour are worth sharing here. So, the time…

#VisualPeople: How Comics and Chronicles Collide in Canada’s Group of 7

This article appears as part of Visual People, a Q&A series devoted to profiling visually in-tune folks who work in a diversity of industries. Subscribe or follow along on Instagram. #visualpeople by Samantha Mehra This time in Visual People, we talked with Chris Sanagan and Jason Lapidus, the two minds behind the Canadian comic, Group of 7….

DIGITAL ART: Summertime Sketches

It’s been a fun and productive few months of drawing experimentation and learning. Using a combination of Adobe Sketch and Adobe Draw, these doodles, which are meant to evoke the essence of summer, fell out of my pen with ease. -SM

#VisualPeople: Pa-pa-Paparazzi! [Guest Post]

This guest article, featuring new Vancouver correspondent Sharon Roberts, appears as part of Visual People, a Q&A series devoted to profiling visual creators from a diversity of industries. Keep up to date by subscribing, or following along on Instagram. Join me in welcoming Sharon to the series! Scroll down to read more about her and her…

Happy Birthday, America.

Red, white and blue is a delicious colour scheme, no? Created with: iPad, Apple Pencil, three colours, and one pen type.

Happy Birthday, Garfield.

This week marks the 40th birthday of our favourite grumpy fat-cat, Garfield. Just going to draw myself in here. -SM