PayBright is Canada’s leading installment payment provider in Canada, making it easier for consumers to buy now, and pay over time either biweekly or monthly. Some major retail players offer PayBright to consumers at checkout in Canada, including Lulu Lemon, Hudson’s Bay, Taylormade, Samsung, Wayfar, eBay, Sephora, Oakley, and Steve Madden. At PayBright, I continue to work to establish and oversee the company’s first blog, build SEO foundations, manage a small team of freelance writers to ensure quality and consistency, and am charged with creating the company’s first-ever B2B content program, including designing consumer surveys, annual reports, success stories, content partnerships, and more.


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Hudson’s Bay and PayBright Partnership

SHEIN and PayBright Partnership

Taylormade Golf and PayBright Partnership

Sephora and PayBright Partnership

Bowflex and PayBright Partnership


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