PORTFOLIO: Freelance Writing

Since 2010, I’ve been a freelance writer and editor of all trades. News, historical articles, social media posts, websites, pop culture interviews, and scholarly journal articles are all in my tool belt. Some of the most fun I had was writing for The Canadian Encyclopedia, and several arts publications. Here is a smattering of them.

The Canadian Encyclopedia

You can find select articles here.

Interview Series: #VisualPeople

Read: The Sweet Life: In Conversation with the Kind of Candy

Read: Stunt Queen: Stephannie Hawkins on Moving in the Movies

Read: Don’t Blink: “We Eat With Our Eyes” – Chef Alison Iannarelli on the Value of Visuals in the Culinary World

Sample Feature Articles

“Writing Down the Bones: Dance Critics of 1970s Toronto”: (Page 22)

“Moving in Tandem: 25 Years of Kaeja d/Dance”: (Page 16)

“Kokoro Dance: The Body Electric”

“Jennifer Mascall: Spinning a Web of Dance”: (Page 17)

“Janak Khendry: Toronto’s Sculptor of Dance”: (Page 6)

Sample News Articles (Early Writing)






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