Animation 101!

Another goal for 2018? Learn the basics of animation. Today I took an initial stab at it, using Animation Desk for iPad. Oh, what a time I had.

This initial animation took about 3 hours or so, but the program is incredibly intuitive (in my opinion) and makes life a bit easier for the noob animator. Duplicating tools and diversity of brushes with adjustable opacity and size were a cinch to utilize. I made this without looking at any instructions.

Illustrators with animation dreams? Set aside a morning, crack your knuckles, and take this program for a spin.

This isn’t a great work of art, but I’m proud of it anyway!


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  1. Miss Jones says:

    Love this, Samantha! And what timing, I was checking out the prices for a new iPad yesterday. Now I have one more reason to save up. Have you tried Adobe AfterEffects yet? ~ Alison

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    1. Samantha Mehra says:

      No! But I will investigate. And I highly recommend treating yourself to a new iPad and all of the phenomenal drawing experiences it will bring you. Treat yourself! -SM

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