Folk(s) Art.

I came across these scanned images of doodles and artwork by my parents, the legendary Dale and Anil. Neither were artists by trade specifically, but like me, “dabbled” and put their rich skills to use whenever they could.

My mother’s art teacher, and close family friend, was Eric Wesselow, a Montreal-based artist who was known for his stain-glass art (some of which is still on display in Pierre Elliot Trudeau Airport in Montreal). She’s the most visually intuitive person I know, specifically when it comes to design, and in addition to being an excellent artist and designer, she has the added skills of being handy and practical (so she can envision something and actually build it!).

My father, a talented caricature artist, taught himself to draw using Mad Magazines, among other things. He used to dress up his otherwise bland corporate reports with caricatures of his co-workers, which to me is AMAZING AND SHOULD BE DONE ALWAYS (if you have the skill to do that, I mean). In addition to drawing and joke-telling, the man CAN SING.

Anyway: I love this illustration lineage, and marvel at their talents all the time, but was particularly happy to stumble across these this morning. Please enjoy the below, have a creative Friday, and if possible, hug your folks.





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