Hockey 101.

IMG_0800For one of my next Google Doodle exercises, I’m moonlighting in the sports realm, this time focussing on the Montreal Canadiens. My interest in the team has been revived a little with a move to a new community in recent years, where the locals all seem to be fans, taking over the TVs at our local pub and watching Habs games while looking mildly depressed. But that’s what hockey fans do, right?

And: We are a Habs family (I feel like it’s required worship if you’re Montreal-born) so sketching these things seemed like a good idea, and is giving me the opportunity to draw new objects. I’ve never drawn an ice skate, let alone Maurice Richard’s head, in my life! He had a long face. Anyway. Richard is a family favourite, so as a bit of a tribute, I drew him first. He will likely become the ‘L’ in the eventual ‘Google’. Hopefully I’ll finish the whole thing, but it’s nice to share this image as the details do get lost when it is incorporated into a larger logo.

Apologies in advance that he looks like he’s wearing oversized oven mitts. I ain’t perfect yet! Just imagine that he’s skating over to an oven in a hurry.

Happy drawing!


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